We make the most cost-effective, reliable micro-hydro generators around.  We know this because our satisfied customers "Spout Off" about us all the time. See for yourself.

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"I am tickled to death with these PowerSpouts!" That's North Carolina speak for 'extremely happy'

J Lundsford, USA

Installed PLT200 on 16.5m head (15m actual), 480W predicted (500-510W exporting), still chasing the missing 1.5m (Note from EcoInnovation, allowing for new head this is 15% more than predicted by the online calculation tool, well done!)

David Willcox , U.K.

We have got an output of 860W for each turbine (or 41kWh/d). The calculation estimated about 730W with 1 turbine..............the client is very satisfied with the results.

(Note from EcoInnovation, this is 17% more than predicted by the online calculation tool, well done!)

Boualem BENKOUSSA, Nouvelle-Calédonie

I bought a turbine from you in 2004, shipped to Ireland. The turbine has been trouble free……………….. Thanks

R Doyle , Ireland Oct 2013

I bought a PowerSpout off Hugh Piggott a couple of years ago and commissioned it last year. That's it been up and running for well over a year and it's surpassed my expectations many thanks.

Paul C , Scotland

I bought my turbines from Greentech in TN USA. about 2 yrs ago............ I'm very pleased with the turbines.......... Your rateing was 2.8kw I'm getting 3kW............... I've shown my system to many folks, some with generating potential

Thank you ........... P Morrison

P Morrison, USA

Power exceeded predictions with slightly lower head than we had expected.

Hugh Piggott, Scotland

It is some months since we were last in contact but the months have been busy installing my Powerspout. Today, for the first time, it is running and connected to the grid. Everything has worked as Ecoinnovation said it would.

Bill, Wales UK