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Just a quick note to let you know the installation was successful.

I found I can get the full power using 11.7mm jets to get 4 l/s and 720 watts output.

Only problem is that the 12 AWG cable run is killing 100 watts to the battery house and another 100 watts to the water tank, I am looking into ordering some larger cables, I know this is NOT your problem, just giving you some data.

Anyway, this turbine is AWESOME and just flat ass cool!!!

Magnus, Flores, Azores

Thank you for all your help and a big thanks for your work on building the powerspouts they have been life changing, having a great power source for me and my young family.

Mrs E Hammer, Melbourne Australia

We installed a PowerSpout in the Marlborough Sounds for our holiday home there. It's in operation and is awesome……….your system is still giving us way more power and better performance than the old Pelton system it replaced.

Jon, Marlborough Sounds New Zealand

Just a few lines to let you know that finally we have the PowerSpout working in perfect order.................... I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the support, without it it would have been impossible to get it working.
Again thanks and will stay in touch.

Gabriel, Panama

The new hydro system that has just been installed at the hut on Anchor Island……… it is running like a dream, producing 9 amps of power. We had quite a bit of fun playing with different sized nozzles in order to find which provided the most power and found it very straightforward to get in and out to change the nozzles over. It’s really the backbone of our power supply on the island and as long as it rains fairly frequently as it usually does in Fiordland, very reliable and very much appreciated!

Sarah Kivi, Kakapo Ranger, DOC, Anchor Island, New Zealand

When I dealt with Michael over a year ago to get a PS (PowerSpout) for my hydro class, he was very fair and very knowledgeable ... it is a great machine to demonstrate integrated components ... I like the machine a great deal.

P. V. Hofmeyer, Ph.D., USA

Thanks for your prompt response, your technical support at the time the order was very efficient, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Samuele, Italy

Hello, we at NAIT, an educational facility in western Canada, bought one of your Powerspouts last fall……we installed the PowerSpout and it works as it should.

David from NAIT , Canada