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We bought a turbine from you 2 years back. We are very happy with it. Can we buy a PowerSpout and put it at the bottom of hill? Thanks for your time and thanks for a great product.

Peter, New Zealand

Hi Michael

Thanks for your help yesterday, I rang you and you talked to our electrician, Bruce, about a problem we had installing our hydro.

The problem is resolved, and was totally operator error - mine. While the polarity coming out of the hydro was ok, I had wired up the other plug back the front so that the polarity was back to front when it came into the controller. Oops. But the circuit breaker protected the hydro and rectifier from the reverse current and it is all working beautifully. Delivering 3.5 amps at 50V as you predicted - fantastic. Just what we hoped.

Woke up this morning and our battery was 100% full despite fridge etc running overnight. Great.

Thanks again

Peter, Australia

Both ordered units have arrived well! Thanks for this!

Both units were easy to assemble. Within 15 Minutes for each, I think everybody can do this. Congratulations for this design!

Best Regards

Simon, Germany

Thanks and all the turbines we have put out so far are working great.

P.Gregson, President of Advance Hydro, USA

I am pleased that the hydro generator is installed. The total power generation has more than doubled, and the extra power will be used to keep the inverter on 24/7, the satellite phone on during the day and to run a fridge. Anything not used will be able to keep the batteries in good order by doing more frequent equalisations.
Water flow also varied over the two weeks…. Thanks to Michael of EcoInnovation for anticipating this.
I think that the manifold should come as standard because the project would have failed if it wasn't purchased. It is a nice piece of kit. The install tool kit is really good for the basic adjustments.
Overall, I'm pleased with the quality of the Powerspout product, the service received and value for money. The installation manual is good.

Chris, New Zealand

Unit been running now for several months, customer very happy.
We would be very happy to become agents for your product here in Melbourne.

Ian Conibeer, Australia

The consent and Hydro Upgrade at Upper Nihotupu dam were commissioned and handed over to operations early this year. We had a very challenging & construction programme, and a site that was difficult to access.

We would like to personally thank you and your company’s input and support throughout the project. Heath, Stephen, Andrew and I really enjoyed working on this engagement, and we look forward to working with your company on future projects.

Mechanical Technology Ltd, New Zealand

The BE has been operational for 2 weeks and with the two 12 mm nozzles is delivering 12.8 amps x 24 v, that is enough and more for my home.

I am very pleased with its performance - a very smooth unit.

Terence, Australia