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The turbine (PowerSpout BE) is going like a rocket. I have not played with the nozzle size yet as there has been no need as we are getting up in the morning and the over load heat bar is going off. Thank you.

Colin, New Zealand

Install went great, hydro arrived in the village (Vanuatu Island) with the rest of the cargo, except the pipeline didn't arrive until the day we left due to shipping disasters! The hydro is all set up on the turbine base with cable layed and all the control equipment and batteries installed .. I was very impressed with the turbine and the housing, very easy to implement and professional design.

Chris, Vanuatu

Thanks for these photos. We have been running three turbines continuously since the day after you left. That was after one night of 45 mm of rain and no rain since, so we are very excited to be producing so much power! Cess was in the building the other day when grid power went out very briefly. The overload worked perfectly. The heater came on and then the grid came back on and the system kicked back.

Thanks so much for your fantastic products and your commitment and enthusiasm to what you are doing. It was really great to have you come and spend some time here and you are welcome to come back and stay anytime. I will keep you posted on our progress.


After the first month we have generated 770 kW of power, an average of 24.8 kWhrs per day. So we have saved about half our power bill, which is great.

Steve Erickson, New Zealand

After the longest dry spell in Wales for 50 years. The turbine is now turning. It is working above the projected efficiency. Many thanks for all the help over the months and I would be happy to recommend your company to anybody who was interested in using a hydro turbine.

Chris York, Wales

The people of Besi Community Village, North Malaita, want to say “Tando oe” – Thank you very much – for all the help you gave in their microhydro power project. The PowerSpout BE ...... It really is a nicely presented unit.

John Grant, North Malaita, Solomans

Your site information is great….. you know all about your products. Local readings with the PowerSpout GE almost perfectly matched advanced calculator.

Frank, Australia

I am totally wrapped with the turbine. The professionalism of the whole package is excellent.

Waitaia Nursery, New Zealand

Well we have been thrilled with the power from our turbine even though we have had very minimal of water, 3amps 24hrs a day has kept things running.

Stan and Lyn, New Zealand