We make the most cost-effective, reliable micro-hydro generators around.  We know this because our satisfied customers "Spout Off" about us all the time. See for yourself.

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Thank you again for your competent help. We really appreciate it.

After communicating with few micro-hydro supply candidates I keep telling people that as far as I am concerned, you are the most competent micro-hydro supplier in the world.

Dr. Tom, Australia

Just completed the high voltage system you supplied to me months ago. The customer is over the moon with the results and we have tested the unit at 800 watts continuous for over 4 weeks ...he is now using it at 400 watts (heaps) and dreaming of grid connecting two units in parallel in the future.

Stuart, Australia

I have been away a lot for work & only just fired up the hydro turbine yesterday for the first time-it hums away beautifully. I managed to obtain a second hand 48v battery bank, solar controller, charger unit & 3kw inverter cheaply from a guy making use of government rebates to upgrade.

This turbine will change my life, I have refused temptation to get a generator so looking forward to not hand-washing clothes & not walking to creek to get a cold beer.

Andrew, Australia

And it works! You know, for long time we communicate very intensive about a Pelton turbine. Last week I start the first test with your Hydro Pelton turbine. I am very happy, I produce 600Watts just as we calculate for about 1 year. When I finished all tests I will send you a picture from my system.

Rudolf Sackl, Germany

We're loving the new system... it's great not having the drone of the gene in the background affecting the serenity of the place. I’m still stunned ( literally ) by the brightness of the lights. The system is working really well it seems. As you suspected the problem is using enough power, we’ve got a toaster now, that helps.


National Kakapo Team, Anchor Island

All boxes arrived while I was on holiday. I got back on Monday last and now have my hydro plant up and running. I am very impressed with your product and well pleased with the output I am getting.

Thank you kindly!

Rob, Tasman Energy, Tasmania

I'm very happy because the system is working very well. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT, which is to my point of view the best way to product electricity ecologically. Hope it's going to work years long like that.

Eric, France

I am a C E in Romania, working on design of water projects all my life (over 30 yrs experience), an a true admirer of your work.

Dan, Romania