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SHP-Triplex (SHP-TX)

$ 2,099.00 NZD

SHP-Triplex (SHP-TX)

$ 2,099.00 NZD

Sold out

Please note all SHP-TX stock has sold, we have been overrun with orders. We expect to be able to catch up and supply new orders from the start of NZ Spring 2020 when a shipment of parts to make 250 units arrives.
If you want to get in the queue, please contact one of our NZ dealers who for a small deposit can get you in the queue for when production resumes. Thanks for your patience.

 The SHP-Triplex (SHP-TX) is a great product for rural farmers who need to pump stock water to high heads from surface water sources from Spring to Autumn. Please read the install guide advice if you intend to run the SHP-TX when freezing temperatures can be expected. 

The main difference between the SHP-TX solar pump and other makes is that only 1 pump is needed for heads from 10-160m (a minor upgrade is needed for those from 160m to 300m).

The SHP-TX can be fitted with 2,4, 6 or 8 PV panels in paired strings. PV panels must have a VOC close to, but less than, 40V.

If installing more than 2 strings (more than 4 PV panels) then each positive wire will need to be fused with a 15 amp fuse.

For New Zealand customers these Yingli 270W panels are perfect, but there are many types of panel you can buy locally to avoid high freight costs.

If you need to pump more water you can install 1, 2, 3 or more SHP-TX’s in parallel.

If you need to pump to higher head you can install 1, 2, 3 or more SHP-TX’s series.

For a complete list of product advantages read this file

For detailed specifications and how you install this product read this file

Items that are provided with all pump sales (NZ & International):  

  • SHP-Triplex pump with pressure limit control
  • Thick rubber vermin guard
  • Inlet and outlet fittings (outlet fitting rated up to 16 Bar)
  • Non-return valve for supply pipe to storage tank
  • Foot valve, pipe clamp, stainless mesh filter cage to go inside filter bag & 2x filter bags
  • 7 x pairs of MC4 matching connectors & MC4 connector tool
  • 1 x pair of twin parallel connectors (for up to 4 panels – 2 strings)
  • 1 x 30 amp DC switch with MC4 connectors
  • Stainless steel & ACP Fairing with strap

Optional extras are:

  • High Head Upgrade - High Power PMA & stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings for heads >16 Bar 
  • 25mmID clear suction hose

We can also supply:

*Extra items selected from drop down menu will be added to your cart and so the price displayed on this page will not include any of these additional items.*

For New Zealand Customers we can also supply:

  • 540W PV array 
  • 1080W PV array and one MC4 2-1 branch connector set
  • 1620W PV array and one MC4 3-1 branch connector set
  • Red solar PV wire
  • Black solar PV wire
  • PV panel aluminium racking
  • Installation service (within 2 hours drive of New Plymouth)