React Pump Service Plan

$ 429.00 NZD

This React Pump Service Plan is available for New Zealand customers at time of purchase. You can also join the service plan at any time within 1 year of your React Pump purchase with the service plan renewal due yearly based on the date of React Pump purchase.

The service plan is set at $1/day ($365NZ + gst/year) and will be adjusted annually for CPI from 2020. 

Annual service of the React pump when returned to EcoInnovation includes:

  • All new water side and oil side seals
  • All new valves
  • All new ceramic plungers if needed
  • Pressure sensor check and replacement if needed
  • Check BLDC motor/stator parts and replacement if needed
  • Check BLDC electronic driver and replacement if needed
  • Upgrade BLDC driver software to latest release
  • Test for leaks and correct operation at rated head
  • Warranty extension for a further 12 months covering non consumable items above
  • Return to you by courier (NZ North & South Islands only)

The service plan can be used for a maximum of 10 years from time of purchase. It does not cover damage to parts due to misuse.

NZ clients who choose not to enter the service plan can service the React pump themselves or return the React pump to us for service on a time and parts “as required” basis.