Stove Elements

$ 64.00 NZD

Please note we also stock more robust resistors here

We stock 2 elements that are commonly used on 120v and 240v electric stoves rated for 1500W. They are nominally 10 or 40 Ohm each and make great low cost air diversion loads when mounted in a metal fire enclosure. You can make a suitable enclosure yourself from a roasting dish and a cooling rack cover. We can supply these items in a suitable fire enclosure. 

You can connect these elements together in a wide array of series and parallel ways to get a range of resistances. Using 1-3 elements in this way you can get: 3.33, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 Ohms.


Such elements are helpful for clipping upper voltages on wind and hydro turbines when used with suitable MPPT regulators. This is achieved by programming the AUX relay via an SSR to connect the resistor to the generation DC voltage when an upper limit is reached. For example the AUX relay “PV trigger” function in the Outback FM60/80 MPPT regulators.

For lower Ohm ratings take a look at our DC Resistor Air Elements.

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