Flooded Lead Acid Battery

$ 6,329.00 NZD

Please contact us for a delivered quote, do not purchase this item online, price can be considered indicative only.

This is for a 48V bank of L16's (8 x 6V batteries). 

We have two options in the L16 size:

U.S. battery USL16HC 
420AH 6V. 1150 cycles to 50% DoD
Size:181x302x425 mm
Weight: 54kg
24 month warranty


Trojan  L16P-AC
Type: Flooded lead acid
420AH 6V. 1150 cycles to 50% DoD
Size: 176x296x425mm
Weight: 52kg
12 month warranty


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Battery links stainless bolts/washers are not normally included.