D.I.Y. React Pump Package Deal

$ 2,749.00 NZD

The React Pump 2 is coming soon. It has many small improvements and will be available for international sales.

This D.I.Y. React Pump does not include solar panels, frames and cable. It is intended for those who wish to purchase their own solar panels. For a complete solution please contact one of our NZ dealers

The PowerSpout SHP-TX has been rebranded the React pump. For more information about the pump please visit reactpump.com

The React Pump can be fitted with 2 or 4 PV panels in paired strings. PV panels must have a Voc < 45V and a Vmpp of >30V.

This D.I.Y. React Pump Package Deal comes with:  

  • React pump with pressure limit control
  • Thick rubber vermin guard
  • Inlet and outlet fittings (outlet fitting rated up to 16 Bar)
  • Non-return valve for supply pipe to storage tank
  • Foot valve, pipe clamp, stainless mesh filter cage to go inside filter bag & 2x filter bags
  • 7 x pairs of Slocable MC4 connectors & MC4 connector tool
  • 1 x pair of Slocable branch connectors (for up to 4 panels – 2 strings)
  • 1 x 30 amp DC switch with Slocable MC4 connectors
  • Stainless steel & ACP Fairing with strap
  • 5m x 25mmID clear suction hose
  • Full spare parts kit
  • Float switch
  • SS fixing kit
  • 1L SAE 15W-40 Oil
  • 24 Month Warranty* 

*12 month warranty extended to 24 months on product registration

Currently the React pump is only available for purchase in New Zealand. We hope to start export sales soon. If you want to keep up to date with React pump news please follow us on Facebook and sign up to our mailing list.