Yingli 285W Bi-Facial Solar PV Panels

$ 1,179.00 NZD

Yingli 285W bi-facial solar PV panels (weight includes pallet and packing)

Order a pallet of 30 panels from our Auckland store and you only pay the same as for 27 panels. This 3 panel saving normally pays the NZ wide freight charge to a Mainfreight Truck depot.

We have been selling solar PV panels for almost 20 years and live off-grid ourselves on a 23kW PV array.

The Yingli 270W panel may suit you better, this is what we use.

For Yingli 285W bi-facial pdf click here.

If you have a site with all day sun and if you can mount your panels vertically, so that the morning sun is on one side and evening sun on the other then you can get great results, as peak generation is better matched to the homes demand for power.

If I had my time again, I would mount a pallet of the these panels on our hill top (as it gets all day sun) facing each and west with a 80-100 amp MPPT for every 15 panels.  

Read more here pages 31-32.