Rechargeable Auto Grease Cans

Rechargeable Auto Grease Cans

You may have noticed that we have small rechargeable auto grease cans for sale. We have been advising clients to wait while we test them.

This is my report so far. We installed 3 units in the middle of an NZ winter and the plunger did not appear to move much. As the warmer weather arrived and by mid-summer the plunger was 50% down, and I recently recharged the 3 units we are testing.  Hence I am happy that small rechargeable auto grease cans are fine in warmer climates (>15C) and can be a useful assistance to those who wish to save money and use this device instead of manual greasing, but only during the warmer months.

To be clear, our extended bearing warranty is only offered when disposable GreaseMax auto grease cans are purchased and fitted.

At 25C these cans supply 125cm3 of grease over 12 months.  

At -5C they will deliver 31cm3 of grease each year. (Whereas at -5C the rechargeable auto grease cans will deliver almost no grease.)

In our install manual advice the minimum grease requirement is 5cm3 every 3 months. I hope dealers find this guidance helpful. End clients are free to buy larger rechargeable auto grease cans themselves (common on Ebay), provided they realise that extended bearing warranty does not apply in this case.