Stators, Rotors & PMAs

We can supply reconfigured stators, balanced rotors and complete PMA's (Permanent Magnet Alternator) for your DIY project.

Shafts, bearing holders and seals can be found here.

A complete PMA  includes all the parts you need to get your DIY project off to a good start:

  • Stator
  • Magnetic rotor
  • Shaft and retaining nut
  • Bearing block, bearings and fixings

The voltage of a PMA is critical for efficient operation. The Smart Drive PMA can be reconfigured to alter the voltage output. We offer over 90 configurations which range from 1.1 to 0.011 V/rpm output.

Please note not all PMA’s are the same price. Generally the lower the voltage and the higher the power, the more costly it will be. Higher power depends on having higher motive power at low rpm, or there will be no benefit to buying a higher power unit. Consider the working Watts/rpm of your specific application. 36 pole units are suitable for wind turbines. 42 pole units are generally lower cost.

All DIY’ers are different, some are motivated by the challenge and learning experience, and some by the perceived financial benefit. If you are a DIY’er we admire you, we have done what we can to provide you with a free comprehensive documentation resource, and we can provide you with professional advice for a fee. Good advice based on 1st class engineering and 20 years’ renewable energy experience is never free, unless you are prepared to do some reading and learning yourself. Our DIY guide is a great place to start.