Professional Advice

Here at PowerSpout we are more than just manufacturers of hydro turbines. We are experts in renewable energy systems. We have done what no other micro hydro company has done. We have created a comprehensive collection of documents which cover all aspects of our products and also how they integrate with a renewable energy system.

Chances are if you have a question the answer can be found for free here. Yes, there is a lot of information so it may take some reading to find the answer you seek, but each renewable system is different and there are so many variables that no one else has even attempted to provide such documentation.

However, if you require advice on system design, an existing renewable energy system or a DIY project then we have advisers who can help. All our advisers are Gold PowerSpout dealers with a proven track record in solar PV, wind and hydro systems. A consultation with an expert can put you on the right track quickly and help to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are considering a Renewable Energy System it is important that you get off to a good start. We highly recommend that you engage one of our experienced dealers as they have the knowledge to save you time and money and can guide you through this complex process. 

For DIY clients we do publish a free guide that you can read here.

Our advises are:

  • Hugh Piggott (40 years living off-grid)
  • Michael Lawley (30 years living off-grid, BEng Mechanical)
  • Derek Jackson (15 years Aurora Power & Design Inc)
  • Florin Fleseriu (over 20 years renewable energy experience)

Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.