PowerSpout turbines are reliable, clean, efficient and field proven

    If you have falling water you can generate power

    We have a range of turbines to suit your site

    Comprehensive documentation and experienced dealer network ensure a successful installation

    Complete solutions including solar and water pumping

    From our humble beginnings over a decade ago PowerSpout turbines have developed into world leading products. We make each one specifically tailored to your site and energy needs. Sustainably manufactured here in New Zealand in our off-grid workshop using up to 68% recycled materials.

    PowerSpout turbines are modular so if you have an appropriate water resource installing multiple units has many advantages. All hydro turbines require periodic maintenance and if multiple units are installed the power generation doesn’t need to stop during this time. Keeping our turbines modular and lightweight means they can be affordably air freighted anywhere in the world.

    Once you have collected your site data you can use one of our advanced calculators to accurately predict how much power your water resource can produce. Our calculators will also show you the impact of different design considerations such as pipe length and diameter, system voltage, cable size and material.

    Which Hydro Turbine is right for me?


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