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Notice to all PowerSpout dealers and customers. No documents are supplied with PowerSpout turbines. All relevant manuals are considered to be part of the product.

New Release Documents

PowerClamp 2 Technical Specifications & Install Guide

Imaki Village - Tanna Island - Hydro and PV PDF  of installation

Imaki Village - Tanna Island - Hydro and PV VIDEO of installation

SRNE 250V MPPT Charge Controllers for PowerSpout Turbines

DIY Lithium Battery Guide

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report 2022

SMA Sunny Boy Guide

Unboxing Documents (2 Page Vital Reminders)

PLT unboxing document

PLT-Cube unboxing document

TRG unboxing document

LH unboxing document

Installer Checklists

PLT MPPT & GTI Installer Checklist

PLT Direct PWM Installer Checklist

PLT-Cube MPPT & GTI Installer Checklist

PLT-Cube Direct PWM Installer Checklist

TRG MPPT & GTI Installer Checklist

TRG Direct PWM Installer Checklist

LH Installer Checklist

Turbine Manuals (Essential For Both User & Installer)

PLT Install Manual

PLT-Cube Install Manual

PLT-Cube DIY Assembly Video

DIY Pelton Rotor Assembly Video

TRG Install Manual

LH Install Manual

LH Unpack Notes

Turbine Operation & Maintenance

PowerSpout Logbook

Bearing Care Guide

LH Service Manual

PowerSpout Reference Documents

Warranty & Terms

Freight Guide

Technical Specifications

PLT and TRG Thread Sizes

Interested in Becoming a PowerSpout Dealer?

Planning Your Powerspout Micro-Hydro System

Getting Started

Site Assessment Guide

Hydro Design & Calculator Manual

PLT-Cube Preliminary Information

Intake Guide

Coanda Intake Selection & Installation Guide

Pipe Selection Guide

Turbine Manifold Guide

Technical Guides To Electrical System Design & Installation

Basic Power Shed Design Guide

Power Conversion Equipment (PCE) Overview & Selection Guide

Charge Controller Guide

Battery Guide

DIY Lithium Battery Guide

System Wiring Guide

Cost Effective Solar PV Install Using Timber Ground Frame

Higher Voltage Guide

PowerClamp Technical Specifications & Install Guide

MPPT Diversion Loads Guide

Water Heater Installation Guide 

SEIAPA Guidelines (Sustainable Energy Industry Association of the Pacific Islands)

Approved MPPT Charge Controller Guides

Midnite Classic MPPT Guide

Midnite Kid MPPT Guide

Morningstar TS (Tristar) MPPT Guide

Outback FM (Flexmax) MPPT Guide

Tracer MPPT Guide

Victron BlueSolar & SmartSolar MPPT Guide

Studer Variostring MPPT Guide

Schneider Conext MPPT Guide

Fangpusun 70A MPPT Guide 

SRNE 250V MPPT Charge Controllers for PowerSpout Turbines

Approved GTI (Grid Tied Inverter) Guides

Ginlong Solis Mini GTI Guide

SMA Sunny Boy Guide

Approved Hybrid PCE Guides

5kVA Victron Easysolar  with 100 amp 150V MPPT

DIY Hybrid PCE Guides

5kVA (parallel stackable) inverter/charger with 60 amp 145V MPPT

5kW (not stackable) inverter/charger with 60 amp 500V MPPT

React Pump (Formerly SHP-Triplex - Rebranded Aug. 2020)

React Pump Quick Start Guide

React Pump System Design & Install Manual

React Pump Troubleshooting Guide

React Pump Seal Service Guide

React Pump Advantages Document

React Pump Installation & Service Videos

Economics of Stock Water Reticulation on Hill Country Farms

Clean Water - NZ Government Policy Document


Link to all newsletters 2011 - present

DIY Applications of Smart Drives

PMA Applications of Smart Drives

BLDC Applications of Smart Drives

Automatic Valves

TRG Automatic Valves - Real World Example - June 17

TRG Automatic Valves - Intern Project - Sept 15

GreaseMax Documents

Greasemax Install Manual

Greasemax Technical Notes

Greasemax Safety Data Sheet

PowerSpout Case Studies

PLT Case Study 1 - New Zealand - 2 PLT Turbines Off-Grid - 46m Head 10L/s Flow - April 14

PLT Case Study 2 - New Zealand - PLT Turbine Off-Grid - 50m Head 6L/s Flow - March 15

PLT Case Study 3 - New Zealand - PLT Turbine Off-Grid - 220m Head 2L/s Flow - March 15

PLT Case Study 4 - Scotland - 3 PLT Turbines Off-Grid - 55m Head 8L/s Flow - Dec 15

PLT Case Study 5 - Switzerland - PLT Turbine Grid-Tied - 70m Head 2.5L/s Flow - April 16

PLT Case Study 6 - Inchbonnie Hydro Power Station, New Zealand - PLT Turbine Off-Grid - 20m Head 2L/s Flow - Jan 17

PLT Case Study 7 - Scotland - PLT Turbine Off-Grid - 40m Head 3L/s Flow - June 17

PLT Case Study 8 - Totara Valley Test Site, New Zealand - PLT Turbine Grid-Tied - 130m Head 2L/s Flow - Jan 18

PLT Case Study 9 - Scotland - PLT Turbine Off-Grid - 77m Head 2.5L/s Flow -  Dec18

PLT Case Study 10 - Nepal - 6 PLT Turbines Off-Grid - 51m Head 24L/s Flow - Dec 18

TRG Case Study 1 - New Zealand - 3 TRG Turbines Grid-Tied - 20m Head 33L/s Flow - July 13

TRG Site Visit Notes - Laos 18

LH Case Study 1 - New Zealand - 3 LH Turbines Grid-Tied - 3m Head 130L/s Flow - April 14

LH Case Study 2 - England - 2LH Turbines Grid-Tied - 2.5m Head - April 17

Industrial Applications of PowerSpout Turbines

Besi Community Village, Solomon Islands

Imaki Village - Tanna Island - Hydro and PV installation

The Design, Installation & Operation of a Community Mini-Grid by Eden Tehan


PowerSpout - Hydro Power For Remote Locations

Elemental Group - Renewable Energy Projects

PowerSpout - Turbine Range

Baby Hydro - Pico Hydro in Scotland

PowerSpout -  Laos University Lecture

Fisher & Paykel - Motor Technology Overview

General Micro Hydro Articles

Intro to Hydro Power: Part 2 Measuring Head & Flow - Homepower 104

Microhydro-Electric Systems Simplified - Homepower 117

Water Rites: A Microhydro Evolution - Homepower 122

Microhydro Systems: Pro Advice for End Users - Homepower 146 

Microhydro Myths & Misconceptions - Homepower 146

Managing Battery Charging: Using Diversion Loads - Homepower 166

Designing a Micro Hydro System - Homepower 170

PowerSpout Turbines Used With Pumps

PowerSpout Turbines Used With Pumps

PowerSpout Environmental Documents

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report 2022

PowerSpout PLT Footprint Summary Report - Nov 09

PowerSpout PLT Footprint Report - Nov 09


PowerSpout Compliance Documents

PowerSpout Conformity C-tick Declaration Sept 13

PowerSpout Conformity EMC Report 3 FCC July 13

PowerSpout Conformity EMC CE Test Report 2 July 13

PowerSpout Conformity EMC CE Test Report 1 July 13

PowerSpout Conformity FCC Declaration Aug 13

PowerSpout Conformity EC Declaration Aug 13

YouTube Videos

PowerSpout Videos


PLT Installed examples

PLT Off-grid example NZ

High head PLT Off-grid example

Older PLT Videos

Made for our earlier turbine but still mostly relevant to current models

Install jet assembly

Install the Pelton runner

Install the magnetic rotor

Replace the Bearings

Smart Drive & General Interest

History of the Smart Drive PMA/Motor

Choosing the right parts

Bearings and shafts

React Pump Videos


Pontoon Mounting of the React Pump

Solar PV Example for the React Pump

Using Slocable Connectors & Checking Polarity


Quick Wet Side Seal Replacement

Seal Replacement for the React Pump

Valve Replacement for the React Pump

Videos from Dealers & Clients


Imaki Village - Tanna Island - Hydro and PV install video - good example

PLT client video 1

PLT client video 2

PLT client video 3 - 3 x PLT’s grid tied in Ireland - good example

PLT client video 4 - off grid

PLT client video 5 - off grid  - good example

PLT client video 6

PLT client video 7 - off grid 850W good example

PLT client video 8 in Mexico off grid good example  

PLT client video 9 in Mexico off-grid good example

PLT client video 10 Ireland - grid tied good example

PLT dealer (Tas Energy) PLT install system overview

PLT dealer (Tas Energy 1) measuring head 

PLT dealer (Tas Energy 2) installing penstock 

PLT dealer (Tas Energy 3) purging air 

PLT dealer (Tas Energy 4) turbine start 

PLT dealer (Tas Energy) 8kW grid tied on 125m head

PLT dealer (Ecovolt) 1.75kW Pelton HP on 110m head - off-grid good example

PLT install in Nepal (english voice over)

PLT install in South Africa


TRG on-grid installed example 1

TRG off-grid installed example 2

TRG off-grid installed example 3

TRG off-grid installed example 4


LH on-grid installed example 1

LH off-grid installed example 2 

LH off-grid installed example 3

LH off-grid installed example 4

LH off-grid installed example 5

LH off-grid installed example 6

LH off-grid installed example 7

LH grid-tied installed example 8 (good example with a Soladin GTI)

YouTube of intake design

YouTube as built intake

LH in a cave

2.4kW twin LH install on 3m head 

General Interest

Quirky Interview with Michael Lawley in German/English

Make your own hydro from an old washing machine - crude but fun

Dated & Obsolete Documents & Videos

Here you can access documents for historical products