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PowerSpout Document Index

Table of Contents

Notice to all PowerSpout dealers and customers. No documents are supplied with PowerSpout turbines. All relevant manuals are considered to be part of the product.

In order to prevent confusion and make it easy to determine which documents and videos you need to consult please refer to the links below.

Unboxing Documents (2 page vital reminders for each turbine type)

PS PLT unboxing document

PS Cube unboxing document

PS TRG unboxing document

PS LH unboxing document

Installer checklists (6 page summaries for each turbine type)

PS all PLT MPPT GTI installer checklist Dec 16

PS all PLT direct PWM installer checklist

PS all LH installer checklist

PS all TRG MPPT GTI installer checklist

PS all TRG direct PWM installer checklist

PS all Cube direct PWM installer checklist

PS all Cube MPPT GTI installer checklist

Planning your Powerspout micro-hydro system

PS all Warranty & terms Sept 17

PS all Getting started August 17

PS all Hydro Design & Calculator Manual Sept 17

PS all Install Manual May 14

PS all Intake Guide April 16

PS all Logbook Nov 15

PS all Freight Guide Sept 17

PS all Technical Specifications August 17

PS all Price List July 16

PS all PLT and TRG thread sizes

LH turbine extra documents

PS LH Install Manual Dec 15

PS LH Service Manual Nov 15

PS LH Unpack Notes Nov 15

PowerClamp documents

PowerClamp Technical Specifications and Install Guide March 17

PowerSpout Higher Voltage Applications (MPPT and GTI)

PS Higher Voltage Guide Sept 17

PHP turbine documents

PS PHP Calculator Manual Sep 15

PS PHP Install Manual July 15

PS PHP Service Manual Nov 15

PS PHP Advantages Document July 15

YouTube PHP Promo Video

SHP solar pump documents

PS SHP advantages document April 17

PS SHP Install Manual June 17

PS SHP Service Manual (work in progress)

YouTube SHP Promo Video

YouTube SHP Installation Video

Economics of Stock Water Reticulation on Hill Country Farms

Clean Water - NZ Government Policy Document

Dealer only Documents - password locked

PS Dealer/Trade how to order

PS Dealer Agreement

PowerSpout with MPPT regulators

PS MPPT Fangpusun June 18

PS MPPT Midnite Classic Guide June 17

PS MPPT Midnite Kid Guide June 15

PS MPPT Morningstar TS Guide Sept 15

PS MPPT Outback FM Guide June 15

PS MPPT Tracer Guide Sept 15

PS MPPT Victron Guide July 18

PS MPPT Studer Variostring Guide Jan 17

PS MPPT Schneider Guide Dec 16

PS MPPT Diversion Loads Guide Sept 17

PS MPPT DC water heater installation Guide June 16

PCE (Power Conversion Equipment) that includes inverter and MPPT

PS Victron Easysolar July 18

PS Chinese 5KVA and 60A MPPT

PS Chinese 5kW and 80 A MPPT

Grid Tied Inverter Applications

(Note only Ginlong (Solis) and Enasolar GTI’s are approved for hydro connection)

PS GTI Ginlong Voc Box Tests

PS GTI Ginlong Solis Mini guide Sept 16

PS GTI Ginlong Mini Tests

PS GTI Sofar 1100 Tests

PS GTI Dongguan Mini Tests

PS GTI Enasolar Setup

PS GTI PowerOne Uno Notes

PS GTI UK Fit Rules


All Newsletter PDF

DIY applications of Smart Drive

PMA applications of Smart Drives

BLDC applications of Smart Drives

Fisher & Paykel motor technology overview

Case Studies (PLT, TRG and LH)

PS PLT Case Study 1 (off-grid) April 14

PS PLT Case Study 2 (off-grid) March 15

PS PLT Case Study 3 (off-grid) March 15

PS PLT Case Study 4 (off-grid) Dec 15

PS PLT Case Study 5 (grid-tied) April 16

PS PLT Case Study 6 (off-grid) Inchbonnie Hydro Power Station Jan 17

PS PLT case study 7 (off-grid) with Victron 250V MPPT June 17

PS TRG Case Study 1 (grid-tied) July 13

PS LH Case Study 1 (grid-tied) April 14

PS LH Westflight Case Study (grid-tied) April 17

PowerPoint Presentations

PS PowerPoint Presentation.pptx

PS PowerPoint All Energy Baby Hydro.pptx

PS PowerPoint Laos visit University lecture.pptx

Automatic Valves

PS TRG Automatic real world example June 17

PS TRG Automatic Valves Sept 15

GreaseMax Documents

PS Greasemax Install Manual

PS Greasemax Technical Notes

PS Greasemax Safety Data Sheet

General Articles

Article Homepower 146

Article Hydro Myths Homepower 147

Article Smart Drive History

Article Vanuatu Minigrid Case Study

Article Industrial PowerSpout Applications

Article People of Besi

Article Vanuatu PowerSpout Thesis

PowerSpout turbines used with pumps

PowerSpout turbines used with pumps Jan 18

PowerSpout Environmental

PS PLT Footprint Summary Report Nov 09

PS PLT Footprint Report Nov 09

PowerSpout Compliance

PS all Conformity C-tick Declaration Sept 13

PS all Conformity EMC Report 3 FCC July 13

PS all Conformity EMC CE Test Report 2 July 13

PS all Conformity EMC CE Test Report 1 July 13

PS all Conformity FCC Declaration Aug 13

PS all Conformity EC Declaration Aug 13

YouTube Videos



PLT client videos (some good some bad):


Older PLT videos for our earlier turbine







Smart Drive & General Interest: