Shafts, Bearing Holders & Seals

These parts are for DIY’ers making their own products. These parts may cost less than similar parts used on our PowerSpout turbines for the following reason:

  • Unbranded lower quality bearings may be fitted
  • No warranty is provided on DIY parts
  • Are not compatible as spare parts for our PowerSpout turbines
  • May need machining work to meet your needs
  • Do not come with any support.

All DIY’ers are different, some are motivated by the challenge and learning experience, and some by the perceived financial benefit. If you are a DIY’er we admire you, we have done what we can to provide you with a free comprehensive documentation resource, and we can provide you with professional advice for a fee. Good advice based on 1st class engineering and 20 years’ renewable energy experience is never free, unless you are prepared to do some reading and learning yourself. Our DIY guide is a great place to start.