BLDC Motor Applications

A Smart Drive PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator) can be configured as a BLDC (Brushless DC) electric motor.

We offer motor applications for 60-72V DC input and PV applications up to 80V DC. We may offer lower voltage applications in the future.

Each BLDC includes:

  • A tested 1.5kW 60-72V BLDC driver
  • Stator and magnetic rotor
  • Shaft and retaining nut
  • Bearing block, bearings and fixings

These Smart Drive BLDC motors can develop up to 28 Nm of torque making them suitable for a large range of applications.

Some DIY applications include:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Concrete mixer drive
  • Potter’s wheel drive
  • Long line hauling winch
  • Automation drives
  • Electric lawn mower
  • Boat electric drive
  • Solar powered pump
  • Large solar powered dynamic art works

You are only limited by your imagination. The same BLDC can also be wired directly (via a large capacitor) to two solar PV panels in series. The maximum voltage of each panel needs to be in the 35-40V range.  You can then configure your invention to work only when the sun shines.

All DIY’ers are different, some are motivated by the challenge and learning experience, and some by the perceived financial benefit. If you are a DIY’er we admire you, we have done what we can to provide you with a free comprehensive documentation resource, and we can provide you with professional advice for a fee. Good advice based on 1st class engineering and 20 years’ renewable energy experience is never free, unless you are prepared to do some reading and learning yourself. Our Smart Drive BLDC Motor Applications for DIY projects guide is a great place to start.