Charge Controllers

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There are two main types of charge controllers (also called regulators):

  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

10 years ago a MPPT controller was costly compared to a PWM controller. Now very few people choose to use PWM.

Some MPPT controllers can divert surplus power to hot water. As Solar PV is very cheap these days we advise large solar PV (>5kW) with surplus diverted to your hot water tank.

Read our published guide on charge controllers

Read our published guide on surplus power diversion

We only list premium brand charge controllers which have a proven track record and have been tested with our hydro turbines. If you wish to source your own controller online for use with one of our hydro turbines please check with us first.

If you are after quality controllers with an NZ warranty and compliant in NZ then we can assist you.

MPPT regulators

The world is awash with low cost solar MPPT regulators. Not all will work with our hydro turbines. The MPPT regulators we offer below are high quality regulators for both solar PV or hydro use with long NZ warranties. If you are looking for a lower cost solution then try your luck on aliexpress at your own risk.

Fangpusun also offer Victron and Outback MPPT copies at a lower cost which should also work fine on our hydro turbines (as the genuine products worked fine). Buy direct off Fangpusun at your own risk. This guide may help you.

We can only assist you (via your dealer), if you purchase an MPPT regulator (purchased from us or via our dealer) that we have tested and it has been approved for hydro use by the manufacturer and has manufactures support & warranty. If you have not purchased such a regulator you are doing R&D work and we cannot help you.

For Solar PV homes, we advise the Midnite Classic 150, Outback FM80 or the Victron SSV 150/100A-TR. All these regulators are large and can be installed with ELV PV arrays (<120 VDC). For larger homes with PV arrays >5-6kW several regulators may be needed (normally 1 per 21 x 270W 5.67kW 7-string ELV array). All these regulators are capable of diverting surplus solar PV power to your homes hot water tank.

In general we advise these products with our hydro turbines:

Operating voltage up to 40V (PLT40, TRG40 and LH150 turbines)

 Operating voltage up to 80V (PLT80, TRG80 and LH250 turbines)

 Operating with PowerClamps

PowerClamps can be used to limit voltages so that lower voltage MPPT regulators can be used. In general you should avoid using a PowerClamp (buy a higher voltage MPPT) where possible. PowerClamps are often used to fix issues on sites, for example where very long and thin cables have been put in and the site is being upgraded for more power down the same cable. Seek gold dealer advice before buying a PowerClamp.