Breakers, Fuses, Enclosures & Meters

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We specialise in <120VDC ELV off-grid applications and all the breakers/HRC fuses listed here are only for this <120VDC application.

Breakers are required for the following reasons:

  • Short circuit fault current potential
  • Convenience to turn off/on
  • Convenience to isolate or remove equipment at the location
  • Convenient wire termination point
  • Convenient place to perform voltage check prior to equipment turn on
  • Ability to break a DC arc (AC type breaker cannot do this)

We stock a range of 2-pole Din rail breakers up to 125amp rated.

We list a range of solar PV combiner boxes.

We list a limited range 3-pole HRC holders and fuse links.

We stock a limited range of bus bar material for positive, negative and earth bus bar.

Please note we only stock the sizes listed here.

If you need design advice on breaker/fuse sizes required for your ELV off-grid renewable energy installation please refer to our consultation page where we will be happy to assist you.