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Getting Started 

This document explains the basics of micro hydro power and gives you the tools to assess your water resource and collect your site data. We recommend anyone interested in a PowerSpout turbine read this short document.


Advanced Calculators

We have two advanced calculators. One for our PLT & TRG turbines and one for our LH turbines. Once you have collected your site data it is essential that you complete a calculation as it will be required when ordering.


PowerSpout Blog

Here you can find interesting articles about installations of PowerSpout turbines and tips & tricks about our products.


Document Index

Here at PowerSpout we pride ourselves on the quality and scope of our documentation. This index is our comprehensive collection of product documentaion, installation checklists, compatable MPPT & GTI guides, case studies, videos and compliance documentation.


Professional Advice

If you require professional advice we have renewable energy experts from around the world who can help you.


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Privacy Policy


International Freight Tips