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If you are after a robust inverter/charger then we believe that Victron have the best range of sizes, best prices and 5-year warranty...........but read on there are many other options.  

There are a number of off-grid inverter/systems you should consider depending on your requirements, budget, support, compliance and warranty needs. For our guide on how to build a powershed click here.

If you are after a stand alone inverter above 3kW please contact us as we can source many brands available in NZ.

One often overlooked cost of an installation is the installer/electrician's time. It is worth considering a pre-wired solution as it will normally have a lower overall cost. We have detailed some of the pre-wired solutions available below:

Premium prewired and 5-year warranty

  • Outback FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4 – USA design made in India (highest cost)
  • Victron EasySolar 5kW – European design made in Malaysia (medium cost)

You can read our Easysolar guide here.  

Good quality economy Steca 5kW 2-year warranty

This is a Steca branded 5kW product (likely made in China). There is no doubt that Steca have added some features and are selling a quality product  that is compliant with accepted international standards.

Chinese direct economy 5kW 1-year warranty in China (very low cost)

We do not sell these Chinese units but they are becoming popular with financially constrained clients. If you want to buy one try Malik in China at this email 

We have tested some, and some have worked very well, some have not. Many sell in range $350-450US + freight. Freight accounts for about 1/3 of the cost, as any warranty offered (normally 1-year) is return to base in China at buyers expense both ways, the warranty is in effect worthless, so you may want to consider the Steca Solarix PLI5000-48 from a distributor in your own country. Yes is will cost more than Chinese direct equivalent but you will have a warranty that is worth something, you may even get some free support from a local agent.

This is a case of buyer beware. For financially constrained DIY clients globally  these could be a very good solution, but we cannot help you if you have an issue. We cannot sell you one as not all compliance certificates from China are genuine and product variations change constantly which makes retailing them in the small NZ market not practical. Most clients who want one are already buying them online at the lowest possible cost so the remaining market is minuscule. We spend many hours every month talking to clients who are interested in these low cost inverters. We do not sell them. We can help if you are in the market for a quality 5-year warranty (NZ supported) inverter or pre-wired system. 

Solis and Soltaro (grid-tied inverter) GTI

Ginlong inverters are sold under a number of brand names, the main two are Solis and Soltaro. These 600V inverters work well with PowerSpout hydro turbines (such as the PLT200, TRG200 and LH450 turbine) in grid-tied or AC coupled off-grid systems.

Ginlong inverters are available in most global markets and are good quality and cost effective. Ginlong make inverters from the small 700W Solis mini to large 125kW 3-phase models. We can offer a limited range of sizes for NZ clients.