Automatic Grease Lubricator

$ 219.00 NZD

These automatic grease cans last for 12 months once activated. These are ideal for protecting and lubricating bearings in wet environments where water ingress would result in short bearing life.  They reduce the number of service operations required for units over 300 W output.

Without grease cans you must grease bearings manually as follows:

    • every 12 months for up to 300 W generation 
    • every 6 months up to 600 W 
    • every 3 months up to 1600 W 

The dropdown options menu lists all the options of this product.  If your turbine was supplied with manual greasing then choose "with grease fitting"

If you choose the "3 grease can pack", install correctly and replace annually, this extends the warranty for the bearings (from the default of one year) to the same duration as the whole turbine, as follows:

    • 3 years for PLT  turbines up to 1200W
    • 2 years for PLT HP  turbines up to 1600W
    • 2 years for TRG/LH/LH Pro up to 1600W

Make sure you follow our detailed instructions before you use these grease cans. Ensure the bearing block is correctly pre-charged with grease before 1st use and that the can is correctly activated.

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