Double Pole DC Breakers

$ 59.00 NZD

We stock a full range of double pole, non-polarized, din rail DC breakers in the 10-63 amp range.

Please also look at our limited 1-pole breaker range and our MC4 fuse options. We also offer a limited range of prewired combiner boxes and PVC din rail enclosures and a 32 amp 2-pole DC switch with MC4 connectors.

We also offer a large 125A DC 2-pole breaker that can be used for battery main/inverter/large 100 A MPPT applications. These applications can also be met with much lower cost 125-160A 3-pole HRC fuse holders. In general DC HRC fuses should not be cycled under load (other than in an emergency) as contacts can be damaged by DC arcs. 

These 2-pole breakers are not to be used for applications above 250VDC and are ideally suited for off-grid ELV applications (<120VDC) and for use with common 150V, 200V and 250V MPPT charge controllers connected to ELV PV arrays and 12/24/48V battery banks.  These breakers are not suitable for connecting grid-tied inverters to LV PV arrays.

Breakers are IEC 60947-2 compliant.

Applications include:

  • Solar PV string protection
  • Hydro turbine cable protection
  • Wind turbine cable protection
  • MPPT input isolation and overcurrent protection
  • MPPT output isolation and overcurrent protection

Read more detail in this topic here.

Note: if wiring your own system in NZ, you can do so for voltages up to 120 VDC (ELV) if you have suitable knowledge and experience. For LV systems (>120 VDC) this is prescribed electrical work and it must be done by a licenced electrician.