PowerClamp & Matching Air Resistor

$ 979.00 NZD

The PowerClamp is a device for limiting the maximum output voltage of a PowerSpout hydro turbine, so as to protect sensitive equipment such as charge controllers or grid-tied inverters (GTIs) that are connected to it.  It is an external device, wired to the output of the turbine.  It uses PWM diversion of current to a heating load as a means to limit the voltage that is passed on.  For added security it incorporates an independent fail-safe crowbar that safely short-circuits the turbine's entire output current if the voltage climbs too high.

The primary purpose of the PowerClamp is to allow PowerSpout turbines to operate at a more appropriate (higher) voltage when connected to common MPPT and GTI equipment.  Open circuit condition is prevented by the PowerClamp's diversion load, so there is no danger of damage.

The PowerClamp is available in a range of voltages from 100-350VDC. 

**Please Note** We have changed the air resistor which comes with the PowerClamp to provide a more robust solution. The air resistors will need to be mounted in such a way which:

  • Protect what resistors are mounted on from heat
  • Protect against fingers touching the terminals causing a shock hazard
  • Protects against rodents entering and nesting close to the resistors
  • Protect from water ingress/corrosion with a rainproof hood

We are in the process of updating the user manual to reflect this change and to provide examples of simple enclosures you can build.

Please read the detailed specifications and installation guide prior to purchase with your PowerSpout hydro turbine.

Please read our higher voltage applications quide for more detailed information on this topic.