PowerSpout PLT Cube Twin Pack - Hydro Turbine

$ 4,189.00 NZD
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We are very proud of our PowerSpout PLT Turbine which has been continually improved over the years. We do however understand that some people have real budgetary constraints so for these people we have developed the PLT Cube. Our focus has been to reduce the cost and weight of the turbine while retaining the essential qualities of efficient and robust turbine.

Note: If your delivery address is in Africa, Asia, South or Central America then your PLT Cube will be assembled as a goodwill gesture to developing countries. All other delivery addresses will receive their PLT Cube as a DIY kit. Please read below for more information. 

For detailed product information please refer to the PLT Cube page. 

Some small design changes are implemented for those buying the twin pack to  enable two Cubes to be sent together in the same 30kg bundle. The extent of changes may depend on which stator is fitted, because the 80-series stators are about 0.3kg heavier than 60-series. These changes may include:

  • 100 amp rectifier changed to 50 amp rectifier
  • No pressure gauge supplied
  • No Tek screws supplied
  • Plastic (dry side) base removed
  • No wiring harness supplied
  • No valves are included (just ½ camlock fittings). You buy the mating camlock fitting & valves locally
  • 4mm thick PVC grey rear cover replaced with 3mm thick drilled clear PET
  • Stainless steel fixings that hold on front and back covers changed to aluminium

DIY Cube Kits

We will determine if a cube ships fully assembled or as a DIY kit based on the shipping address. If you live outside Africa, Asia, South or Central America and want a fully assembled turbine please take a look at our premium PLT turbine.

Our Gesture

We often hear of sub-performing, broken or abandoned hydro systems in developing countries. We believe if implemented and maintained correctly that our micro hydro turbines have the potential to power thousands of homes in an affordable and sustainable way. There are many complex factors in creating a sustainable system one of which is cost, another can be availability of tools and mechanical skills. If your delivery address is in Africa, Asia, South or Central America then your PLT Cube will be assembled as a goodwill gesture. As the turbine has been assembled by us it will include:

  • Guaranteed performance up to 1200W (or your money back)
  • 1-year warranty

    A twin pack order cannot be combined with any other goods on this site as there is no available space in the carton.

    All twin packs receive free DHL Insurance.

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