35mm² Twisted Triple Aluminium Wire

$ 1,250.00 NZD

This wire is available in a 250m roll and in 20m increments. We also have some longer rolls in the range 300-400m. Contact us if you need a roll longer than 250m and we will look in our store for you.

This wire is available on this website for the express purpose of providing cost effective wire (below RRP) to our clients buying or owning our hydro turbines. If you are interested in purchasing this wire (at RRP) but are not a hydro client please contact us for a price. We reserve the right to refuse sale of this wire if the client is not also a hydro client of ours.

This wire can be used in aerial applications up to 600VDC or on ground ELV applications (in NZ) up to 120 VDC. As it has 3 x 35mm^2 conductors, it will typically be used in 3 runs with all the conductors joined together to make a single cable of 105mm^2, you then run two of these cables.

It is intended for long run ELV hydro applications through bush/forest and along water ways where burial or aerial protection is not practical. ELV cables only need conduit protection “as required”. This can be sleeving the cable in low cost 40mm LDPE pipe or PVC conduit to provide extra protection as may be required. 

Use our on online calculation tools to determine the cable loss on your site. Cable losses less than 10% are acceptable.

Click here for a typical example of how this cable may be used in two 105mm^2 runs on a 3kW hydro site to 250m away from the power shed .

It can also be used in LV applications in protective conduit subject to a COC, speak to your electrician prior to ordering for LV applications.

For those requiring more than 3 rolls contact us for a discount and delivered price quote.

Each full roll comes with a three of 35mm cable joiners and 3-pairs of 35mm bi-metal lugs so that you can convert to copper for connection to your: breaker, fuse, PCE, copper tails, etc. Orders by the meter do not receive the joiners and lugs. If you require additional joiners or lugs they can be purchased here.

Rolls are bulky and heavy so cannot be sent in NZ by courier to your home address. The web site will determine the freight price to your nearest TNL truck depot for you to collect. When ordering drums of wire do not order with other smaller items that would normally go by courier. 

For larger than 105mm^2 per conductor look our other aluminium cable options. 

Note: if wiring your own system in NZ, you can do so for voltages up to 120 VDC (ELV) if you have suitable knowledge and experience. For LV systems (>120 VDC) this is prescribed electrical work and it must be done by a licenced electrician.