Complete 42 Pole PMA

$ 649.00 NZD

Doing a DIY project? Rather than locate all the parts you need, buy a complete PMA ready to go. 

Select the V/rpm and rotor type you require for your application from the drop down menus.

  • Type 2 magnetic rotor for applications up to 1.2 kW at 1600 rpm - 0.75 W/rpm maximum output
  • Type 2+ magnetic rotor for applications up to 1.36 kW at 1600 rpm - 0.85 W/rpm maximum output

42 pole stators are coggy which makes them unsuitable for wind turbine applications. If the V/rpm you require is not on this list or you require a cog free PMA please take a look at our 36 pole PMA's.

Each PMA comes with the following parts:

    • Stator
    • Type 2 or 2+ magnetic rotor 
    • Shaft and retaining nut
    • Bearing block, bearings and fixings
    • Seal kit (If "Wet" application is selected)

For selection of correct V/rpm  PMA  applications read this document  

For selection of correct V/rpm  BLDC applcations read this document 

Please note this product is not suitable as a replacement part for PowerSpout turbines.

Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.