BLDC Speed Controller

$ 439.00 NZD

Speed controller which can be used with a Smart Drive PMA.

We offer motor applications for 48-84V input for the same BLDC controller.

Low voltage protection is set to 30V.  Unit will re-start from about 38V.

The maximum speed of this controller is just over 1000rpm @ 60V

Each controller is tested prior to despatch and all wires are clearly labelled. 

We supply it with a pot so you can accelerate the motor as required.

It also has an ignition wire for key start/stop if required.

To get reverse just switch any 2 of the 3 Smart Drive PMA connection wires.

The maximum speed that can be obtained from a Smart Drive PMA depends on the V/rpm of the stator fitted.

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For more detailed information on selecting the correct stator required read this document.

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