Camlock Set

$ 119.00 NZD

This camlock set can be used for PLT or TRG turbines. These are ideal for connecting flexible 50mm (2”) ID hoses to your turbine. This enables your turbine to be quickly removed from the pipework for servicing. They are rated for up to 6 bar and include 1 male and 1 female thread. Works with the PowerSpout 2-way pipe saddle. Stainless steel pipe clips are included (not shown in picture). 

It makes sense to use a male threaded saddle fitting on your penstock, and mount the valve on that, followed by the camlock-hose-camlock sequence, leading to the jet sleeve on the turbine.  Take care to support the hose at the jet so as to achieve perfect jet alignment.  Many installers fail to do this which result in significant loss of power.

If you stress camlocks by having very tight bends in your flexible pipes, then you can get a leak on the camlock rubber seal, so please do a good job, support the pipe well and ensure that there is no stress in the pipe where the camlock fittings lock together.

1 set is what you can see in the picture. To avoid any confusion you need to order as follows:

    • 1 set for PLT single jet turbine
    • 2 sets for PLT double jet turbine (normal case)
    • 4 sets for TRG quad jet turbine (note these are supplied with TRG turbines - so DIY clients only)
    • 8 sets for TRG twin pack deals (you must order these in a separate order to your TRG twin pack)

See the drop down menu to quickly select the option your require. 

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