Greg Wansink - EB Engineering Solutions - New Zealand

EB McDonald Ltd trading as EB Engineering Solutions has over 60 plus years of business experience; with an outstanding reputation for the ability to adapt and respond to changing customer needs. Establishing us as innovative providers of industrial engineering solutions. You will benefit by working with a company that offer custom design and build services to meet the ever-changing requirements of your business. Listening to you, allows us to understand your needs from which a solution will be envisioned, developed and manufactured to solve your problem. Do you have a need for the following? • Single purpose machines or plant items • Small to medium sized plant • Prototyping an idea into reality • Automating, upgrading or rebuilding an existing process • Batch fabrication of components • Sheep handling equipment • Alternative pumping and power generation solutions We pride ourselves on providing outstanding engineering with professional service, paying attention to the important details, ensuring the best solution!

Languages Spoken: English

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