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Here at PowerSpout we are more than just manufacturers of hydro turbines. We are experts in renewable energy systems. We have done what no other micro hydro company has done. We have created a comprehensive collection of documents which cover all aspects of our products and also how they integrate with a renewable energy system.

Chances are if you have a question the answer can be found for free here.

If you have a specific question or you simply want to save time finding the relevant information within our documentation then please choose the option "Answer a Question". 

If you have a complex question or are looking for a system design then please choose the option "Hourly Consultation". If you are unsure how much time to purchase please contact Hugh and he will assist you. As an indication a system design will often take between 5 - 15 hours or 3 - 5% of the system equipment cost.

If paying per hour you are paying for the time to consider and reply to your specific questions. You can use your purchased time in pieces and at the end of each email any time credit remaining will be noted.

Hugh Piggott has lived off-grid using wind and solar power since the 1970’s and has written several books and taught courses about wind turbine construction worldwide. He has designed and installed many off-grid systems including micro hydro using various makes of turbines and custom built units. Hugh specialises in the electrical aspects of human scale systems including alternator design and the details of load controls. He also assists with preparation of user manuals for PowerSpout branded products.

Hugh has an MA in maths and natural sciences from Cambridge University.

Hugh lives in Scotland and is available to consult on technical matters that relate to human scale systems.

You may notice that the price for Hugh's services is less that our other consultants. This is because Hugh is our most experienced adviser and we want to encourage the majority of the consultations to be directed to him.

Hugh is not employed by EcoInnovation but is engaged from time to time on work requiring technical input and document editing.

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