PLT/Cube/TRG PVC pipe tool

$ 59.00 NZD


This PVC pipe tool is intended for use with our PLT and PLT Cube hydro turbines:

  • The hexogan end is 72mm A/F and fits the white jet PCE sleeve.
  • The decagon end is 75mm A/F and fits the black type 4 jets caps and the A200 camlocks fittings.

The tool is 230mm long and has holes suitable for a bar to assist in tightening and loosening.

It has a mass of 200g and volumetric mass (for shipping) of 0.5kg.

Add this tool to your PLT/cube turbine order.

This tool can also work with TRG turbines that use the same fittings. But as our TRG turbines have more working space, a large adjustable spanner is all you really need.

You can make you own tool by wrapping the parts in tape (to make them a little larger) and then heat setting the 75mm (3”) PVC pipe over the parts.

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