PowerSpout PLT PVC manifold

$ 439.00 NZD

This 2-jet manifold is made from 75mm OD PVC pipe (65mm ID) and is rated for 100m head. It is the quickest and tidiest way to connect your pipe line to your PowerSpout. Turbine shown in picture in not included buy this here

It is supplied with a mac union and pipe fitting as an extra (see dropdown menu) and the size of this depends on the penstock pipe size you have used in your installation. We can supply the correct pipe connector for your manifold and turbine to ensure your install gets off to a good start.

The manifold includes a fitting to attach a pressure gauge.

Please note: The installer will need to make a few glued connections as it is a semi-assembled kit. This manifold can be ordered with a PLT turbine as they can share the same carton.  Please note this weighs 6kg, which will have an impact on the overall carton weight.  Weight must never exceed 29kg.

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