React Pump Ceramic Piston Liners

$ 81.00 NZD

These ceramic liners are used on our React pump.

They are rock hard and when pumping clean water will last for many years.

The seals that these ceramic liners run in will need to be replaced more often than the liners.

Ceramic liners can become worn and start to leak if you have fine hard particles in your water like pumice. In such cases you need to focus on removing this material from the flow with filtration methods. 

If you replace the ceramic liners you must replace the wet side seals at the same time.

You can also buy the complete spare parts kit here.

Please read the user manual before servicing and watch our videosIf after watching you are not confident to perform this procedure we recommend finding a local engineering shop who can do it for you. If you are in New Zealand you can also send it back to us for servicing or join our service plan.