React Pump 1 & 2 Service Spare Parts Kit

$ 299.00 NZD

This service spare parts kit includes all the consumable parts you need for two services of your new React Pump 2. Also a great kit for existing RP1 clients.

  • 2 sets of wet side seals
  • 2 sets of small oil seals
  • A large oil seal
  • A pressure sensor
  • A set of valves
  • Oil seal drilling jigs, a 2.5mm drill bit and extraction screws
  • Anti-seize grease
  • Rubber grease

Please read the user manual before servicing and watch our videos

We also have this PDF quide that will help with how to use the drilling jig/guide to remove the oil seals. 

If after watching you are not confident to perform this procedure we recommend finding a local engineering shop who can do it for you. If you are in New Zealand you can also send it back to us for servicing.