React Pump Valves

$ 81.00 NZD

This React pump valve kit includes:

  • 6 x hard wearing stainless steel valves on stainless steel seats in a plastic housing
  • 6 x o-ring valve seats

Valves will wear in time and start to back flow. This back flow will reduce pump efficiency over time. These valves are very hard wearing and should last for many years.

If performance of your React pump has dropped over time then you likely have internal leakage flow, replace the 6 one-way valves and o-ring valve seats.

Please watch our service video to familiarise yourself with the procedure. If after watching you are not confident to perform this procedure we recommend finding a local engineering shop who can do it for you. If you are in New Zealand you can also send it back to us for servicing or join our service plan.

Be very careful when replacing these parts to make sure the valve sits square before you tighten the large head retaining plug, otherwise you can squash and damage the valves as you tighten the plug. Always work on the pump head with the valve hole vertical, before you screw in the valve plug. This method avoids the problem of a skewed valve that is then crushed by the retaining plug. 

If you damage a valve (or have a stone stuck under the seat preventing closing) then the pressure will pulsate and pump performance will be very low and erratic and you will also suffer loss of suction.