Retaining Cap & Jet Sleeve (type 3)

$ 84.00 NZD

We advise every PowerSpout TRG or PLT owner to have one of these spare. A common need for replacement is the retaining cap being installed incorrectly  (not greased and hand tight) causing damage to the thread when the cap comes off the sleeve under pressure.


  • 1 x Jet sleeve and O-ring
  • 1 x Jet retaining cap

The jet sleeve has a male 50mm (2" BSP) thread suitable for assembly with a valve or camlock fitting.  This thread is not visible in the rendered illustration.

If you are making your own DIY turbine and want to convert to NPT thread (common in the USA) then you can if you buy a BSP to NPT valve. See drop down menu this link.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the threads supplied on our turbines click here

Note: if you have older PowerSpout turbines where the white jet sleeve does not look like this picture, then you will also need to buy new jets also. The older style jets you have do not have the correct depth and the thread on the parts will be damaged.

Please throw away any old jets and buy new ones here

Please note: You will be unable to locate these parts locally.

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