Rotor Type 3 for 36 Pole Stator

$ 119.00 NZD

There are 4 Smart Drive magnetic rotor options, 2 options for each of the stator options (36 or 42 pole).

For 36 pole stators you need either the type 3 (0.75 W/rpm) or the type 4 (1.0 W/rpm).

This listing is for the Type 3 (0.75 W/rpm)

In general there is very little demand for these type 3 rotors as it does not make much sense for us to fit a standard power rotor to a stator that can (with a type 4 rotor) do up to 25% more power.  But for some DIY hydro and wind clients this may make sense, so enjoy the low price on these rotors but make sure that your stator has 36 finger poles or it will not work. 

All our rotors have been balanced to reduce vibration.

This listing is suitable for DIY wind turbines as they are of the cog-free design.

This listing is not suitable for 42 pole stators.

Please refer to the PowerSpout Document Index for further information.