Small Water Element (1” or 1 ¼” boss)

$ 89.00 NZD

We stock a limited range of small water elements in the following Ohm ratings that have many applications in DIY projects on 12/24/48 and higher DC battery systems.

All elements have 1” BSP/NPT threads on the element and we also supply a brass adaptor for 1 ¼” BSP threads.

Ohms ratings as per table below, do not use above 1000W or 120 VDC.

Power (W)
Ohms 14V 28V 56V
0.8 245 980 n/a
1.5 131 523 n/a
9 22 87 348
28 7 28 112


On DC water elements good practice is to ensure:

  • Termination points are tight
  • No insulation or combustible material near element connections
  • Terminal cover is metal to reduce any fire risk from an arching connections
  • Check all dc connections annually for any sign of heat damage & rectify
  • Ensure element has water cover at all times
  • Clearly label how element is to be turned off 
  • Comply with local wiring rules

Refer to PowerSpout Document Index Links for a complete index of documents.

Refer to PS MPPT DC water heater installation Guide June 16  for install instructions.