Smart Drive 36 Pole Stator

$ 449.00 NZD

Between our 36 pole and 42 pole stators we offer over 90 options from 1.1V/rpm all the way down to 0.011V/rpm. This is 100 x voltage range in 1% steps (approx.) from 12V to 500V DC applications.

All 36 pole stators can be fitted with standard type 3 rotors (0.75W/rpm) or higher power type 4 (1.0W/rpm). All 36 pole stators are of the cog-free design which makes them suitable for wind turbine applications. 

Please select your required V/rpm from the drop down list. If the V/rpm you require is not on this list please take a look at our 42 pole stators. Please also note that the V/rpm in the drop down menu is based on a type 4 rotor (a type 3 rotor will be 15-25% lower in both volts and amps).

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