Smart Drive PMA & (BLDC) Speed Controller

$ 659.00 NZD

A Smart Drive PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator) can be configured as a BLDC (Brushless DC) electric motor.

We offer motor applications for 48-84V input for the same  BLDC controller.

Low voltage protection is set to 30V.  Unit will re-start from about 38V.

This controller cannot be reprogrammed.

We offer 3 stator options that will give the following approx. maximum RPM @ 60V with pull-off torques upto 23-28 Nm range:

  • 0 - 500 rpm
  • 0 - 750 rpm
  • 0 - 1000 rpm

Each BLDC includes:

  • A tested 1.5kW (peak – 1000 W continuous) 60/72/ VDC BLDC driver with a pot accelerator
  • Stator and magnetic rotor
  • Shaft and retaining nut
  • Bearing block, bearings and fixings

These Smart Drive BLDC motors can develop up to 28 Nm of torque making them suitable for a large range of applications.

The BLDC has these functions:

  • Variable speed pot for rpm adjustment/throttle
  • Reverse direction by swapping any 2 of the 3 PMA wires
  • Stop/Start

All wiring has been done for you.

Maximum motor torque 28 Nm for a HP unit and 23Nm for a standard unit, select the option you require.

This BLDC is ideal for clients who require a basic cost effective controller and Smart Drive motor for a DIY project. The hall sensor is not used with this BLDC controller.

For more detailed information on selecting the correct stator required read this document, or select an option from the drop down menu.

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