Solis Inverters

$ 969.00 NZD

Solis inverters for Grid-tied or AC coupled applications

Ginlong inverters are sold under a number of brand names, the main two are Solis and Soltaro. These 600V inverters work well with PowerSpout hydro turbines (such as the PLT200, TRG200 and LH450 turbine) in grid-tied or AC coupled off-grid systems.

Ginlong inverters are available in most global markets, are good quality and very cost effective. Ginlong inverters start from the small 700W Solis mini to large 125kW 3-phase models.

Ginlong is one of the oldest and largest global string inverter manufactures.

Ginlong also manufacture hybrid energy storage inverters.

We can offer a limited range of sizes for NZ clients only: