Turgo Rotor

$ 269.00 NZD

This rotor has been designed to attach to a Smart Drive PMA and is rated up to 30m head with a 2.0kW output.                 

We have two options: fully assembled or a DIY kit that you assemble yourself. The DIY kit receives free worldwide shipping!

Fixing kit is optional, this kit will attach the Turgo rotor to a turned down 25mm shaft that is 17mm in diameter and 54mm long, that has an internal M12 thread. Click here for correct shaft to use.

Refer to pictures to see the fixing kit that includes:

  • 7 x 17mm ID stainless packing washers
  • 2 x taper locks (stainless/plastic)
  • 1 x M16 stainless locating nut
  • 1 x M12 stainless securing nut
  • 1 x M12 stainless threaded rod (cut  down to suit the length you need)


  • Material = Black/Nylon GF30
  • Number of spoons on rotor = 12
  • Spoon width  = 45mm
  • Length of spoon  = 65mm
  • Maximum jet diameter = 25mm
  • Hub thickness = 50mm
  • Hub fixing hole = 17mm
  • Outside diameter  = 180mm
  • Running diameter = 90mm
  • Designed for a jet angle of 20 degrees to the horizontal

Use the tool here to do calculations for your site and select the correct Smart Drive PMA.

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