Victron Charge Controllers

$ 1,129.00 NZD

Victron charge controllers are approved for use with PowerSpout hydro turbines only when installed as per our guide. 

Victron offer a large range of charge controllers for almost all applications big and small. Ideal for renewable energy systems. They comes in 2 voltages:

  • 150V solar/hydro approved
  • 250V solar/hydro approved


  • For ELV off-grid solar PV installs most clients will use the 150V options (12/24/48V battery). 
  • For ELV off-grid hydro installs most clients will use the 150V version and PLT40/TRG40 turbines (12/24V battery). 
  • For LV off-grid hydro/solar installs most clients will use the 250V version and PLT80/TRG80 turbines (12/24/48V battery). 


  • MPPT Tracking for solar PV and hydro
  • Up to 150/250V input options
  • Up to 45/60/70/100 amps battery output depends on model
  • Bluetooth access (via your smart phone) on all SSV versions
  • Smart relay for diversion of surplus power to hot water on all SSV versions