Laos update

Laos update

I am glad to report that this hydro/PV project that supplies power to a village of 500 people is complete. Hugh is currently writing up a case study so that others can learn from this work. 1 x TRG turbine has been commissioned and a 2nd unit can be commission once a few issues with undersized pipe sections in the Penstock are resolved.

Dear Michael and Hugh,

I greatly appreciate all your supports including donation of some controllers and kind response for several technical issues.  After the pico installation, the villagers are using electricity 24 hours a day. I am so happy with these results.

Many thanks,

Yongjun (Laos)

It was very rewarding to help on a project that makes a big difference to the life of so many people. As a consequence we have decided to always have one project where we are helping a local community in need to get hydro power working well for them.