32A DC Switch

$ 89.00 NZD

This quality outside rated switch will find applications in:

These SUNTREE switches (as configured) with this type of MC4 type fittings (they are branded Suntree but made by Slocable  of the copper bar type) are supplied rated for 32 amps.

They are IEC60947-2, AS60947.3 and DC-PV2 compliant.

They can be used in both LV and ELV  solar and hydro applications.

We use this breaker as the main on/off switch for our ELV SHP-TX solar water pump


  • IP66 flame resistant enclosure
  • Can be configured internally for lower voltage and higher currents (50 amp max at 600V). Note that 32 amp is the maximum rating MC4 fittings.
  • Spring loaded high speed switch to help reduce arc damage on switching DC
  • Long arc chambers to help in arc suppression
  • The internal switch has up to 4 poles (16 amp per pole)
  • Poles can be configured in a number of ways for 16-50 amp rating
  • For Certificate of Suitability locate SISO-40 at this link.

Note: if wiring your own system in NZ, you can do so for voltages up to 120 VDC (ELV) if you have suitable knowledge and experience. For LV systems (>120 VDC) this is prescribed electrical work and it must be done by a licenced electrician.